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World Changers School of the Arts, is open to any 6th grader interested in excelling in the areas of Academics, Visual and Performing Arts, or Entrepreneurship, whom the school finds qualified for admission, and who agrees (along with their parents) to abide by the World Changers School of the Arts rules and expectations.

School Supply

WCSA seeks to provide an educational experience that best fulfills our students' individual needs. For this reason, prospective students will be considered for admission on an individual basis. No prospective students will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

Enrollment Requirements

To aid in the determination of admission the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Entering 6th grade

  • Reside in Indiana at the time of Enrollment

  • Complete enrollment application

  • Recommendation Letter

  • Copy of Immunization Records

  • Audition/Examples of Art Work

  • Student Interview

  • Parent Interview

  • Entrance Exam (Math/ELA)

  • Admissions Essay 


Tuition Cost - Grades 6


Due Dates

Tuition is due on the 15th day of each month beginning August 2025. A $25 late fee will be assessed on the 16th day of the month. If tuition has not been paid by the last day of the month, another $15 fee will be assessed; your child’s enrollment may be jeopardized unless other arrangements are made.


When enrolling more than one student, the following discounts are applied: 

  • 10 percent off the total tuition for the second student

  • 15 percent off the total tuition for all additional students


Tuition can be paid annually or monthly.  There is a 10 percent discount when tuition is paid in full on or prior to September 15th. 


There is no reduction in tuition due to holidays, school breaks, illness, school closings, or natural disasters, and there are no tuition refunds for any reason.

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