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About Us

World Changers School of the Arts was founded by Trease Sears and Venessa Sallie. They desired to create a learning experience that would not only prepare our young people to thrive and be successful in society but also one that would promote critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

Hands Raised

Core Values

Our Core Values are the very A.I.R. we breathe!


I will take accountability for my actions even when I’m wrong.


I will do the right thing, every time, the first time, especially when no one is watching.


I will respect myself and others at all times.
I will take pride in executing these Core Values as long as I have the ability to BREATHE!

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a secure, non-traditional educational environment where everyone (students and teachers) is free to thrive creatively.  


Our vision is that World Changers School of the Arts, Inc. will meet the individualized needs of each student by edifying, educating, and empowering them to live a prosperous and productive life.


Every student will be impacted in a way that brings forth hope and positive change to their homes and communities.  

Our Philosophy

The culture of our school is a direct reflection of our Core Values. It is imperative that all parties involved- students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community- come together to create an environment which operates in excellence, bringing forth creativity, change, and success.  


Our philosophy is that everyone has the ability to learn and create. We use innovative and productive approaches to the learning process that allow our children the freedom to be creative while utilizing their gifts and talents. Students have the opportunity to apply learned knowledge by using real-life situations. We believe that every learning style is important which is why we use a variety of curricula.

Behind the Vision


Trease Sears


A wife, mother, friend, confidant, author, playwright, director, dancer, choreographer and community leader. She has a heart for people. It is her desire to see the youth in the city of Indianapolis (and the world) flourish and walk in their true purpose. Over the last ten years, she and her husband have done their part to make a difference in the lives of the people that they have served through their organization, the Sow One Foundation, Inc. Sow One’s mission is to meet the needs of the people by providing them with the edification, education, and empowerment to sustain life. They work continuously to fulfill their mission by providing rental/utility/food assistance, computer and financial literacy workshops, mentoring programs, entrepreneurial workshops and networking empowerment sessions, summer arts programs, Back to School and Christmas assistance for families in need and a host of events uplifting and celebrating the youth and adults in city of Indianapolis.


Trease holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. Her goal, is to provide a safe, creative, non-traditional approach to education, where students no longer come to school because they have to, but now they come because they hunger and thirst for knowledge; because they know that their education is their responsibility; because they want to be successful and are given the necessary tools to assist on their journey to doing just that; becoming successful.


Venessa Sallie

Assistant Leader

Passionate and dedicated to helping others grow, Venessa Sallie is a native of Grand Rapids, MI where she gained her love for teaching and earned her degree in Education and English. She is currently a resident of Indianapolis, IN where she has been a figure in the academic field. Ms. Sallie has been teaching for twelve years. She is experienced in the charter, public and private sectors as lead teacher, director of after school programs, club leader and teacher mentor. Volunteering and with working in the community has made her more determined in the creation of a school for the Arts.


Ms. Sallie's goal as Assistant Leader at WCSA is to provide a safe learning experience for students, staff and families. Bridging the gap between Academics, Visual & Performing Arts and Entrepreneurship each student will enjoy learning while making a difference in their lives and helping to change the lives of others.

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