"I believe that everyone has the ability to create, however when this ability is stifled, we tend to operate in mediocrity and sometimes never reach our full desired potential. "

~Trease Sears, Founder


Core Learning 


Our educational model comprehensively includes academics, arts, and entrepreneurship.  Students are afforded the liberty to gain skillful knowledge and experience in these areas.  Our primary in school disciplines will include language arts, math, science, social studies, dance, theatre, visual/media arts, music, and business.   World Changers School of the Arts provides opportunities that will expose our students to various types of cultural experiences.


Classroom time will consist of lectures, discussions, textbooks, interactive lessons, hands-on activities, individual and group studies, project and problem-based learning, community service, and community contribution.


The mission of the World Changers School of the Arts is to provide a secure, non-traditional environment focusing on academics, arts, and entrepreneurship where everyone (students and teachers) can be free to thrive creatively.  The culture of our school is a direct reflection of our Core Values.  It is imperative that all parties involved; students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community come together to create an environment which operates in excellence bringing forth creativity, change, and success.  


Our philosophy is that everyone has the ability to learn and be creative.  We use innovative and productive approaches to the learning process that allow our children the freedom to be creative while utilizing their gifts and talents. Students have the opportunity to apply learned knowledge by using real-life situations. We believe that every learning style is important which is why we use a variety of curricula.


World Changers School of the Arts, Inc. is a private school which assists students, grades 7th – 12th, in excelling academically while creatively exploring various art forms.  Students will also learn multiple aspects of entrepreneurship by participating in the operation of several arts-focused businesses offered by WCSA. 




CORE Values:   “Our Core Values are the very A.I.R. we breathe!”


Accountability- I will take accountability for my actions even when I’m wrong.


Integrity- I will do the right thing, every time, the first time, especially when no one is watching.


Respect- I will respect myself and others at all time.


I will take pride in executing these Core Values as long as I have the ability to BREATHE!

Private School
World Changers School of the Arts