"We are world changers, changing our lives one day at a time while making the difference in the lives of others daily."

~World Changers Summer Arts Program 2015

At World Changers School of the Arts, Inc. our aim is to provide this opportunity to students who have a desire to cultivate their God-given abilities and talents. We do not want lack of resources to hinder any student from experiencing this life changing opportunity.

World Changers School of the Arts is necessary for Indianapolis because we want to restore hope in our future generations and what better way to do so than through education? Our program gives students a positive outlet to express themselves. This will assist them in developing character, confidence and team building skills which are all necessary in becoming a successful adult.

Ways to contribute:

*Website (link below)

*CashAPP:  $WCSArts

*Mail a check/money order to 4084 Pendleton Way Ste. #286 Indianapolis, IN. 46226

Other Sponsorship Opportunities 

In addition, we are currently seeking partners, like you, to help World Changers School of the Arts change the future of our youth. For contributions larger than $250, please contact Trease Sears at 317-716-2105. Thank you in advance for your contribution. 

Our Founders Birthday Fundraiser
Private School
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